Known Issues

General Issues

The most up-to-date issues and in-progress fixes are available on the GitHub issues pages for the Legacy Surveys website or the legacypipe pipeline.

Issues with CCDs that may have affected the quality of DECam observations are recorded on the DECam CCDs page.

Header inconsistencies

Headers may be inconsistent with catalog values for about 2% of bricks in the Tractor catalogs. This is due to some files being altered while rsync processes were running.

Duplicate ref_id values

A very small number of ref_id values for Gaia sources appear twice in the Tractor catalogs. One of the duplicates corresponds to the "correct" Gaia source and the second duplicate has all of the correct information for a Gaia source but with an incorrect ref_id. The ref_id that would be correct for the second duplicate is missing entirely from the Tractor catalogs.

An example from DR9 is ref_id 303293444934132224, which appears in Tractor catalog tractor-0238p302.fits with correct information (RA, Dec, etc.) and in Tractor catalog tractor-0238p305.fits with information that actually corresponds to the Gaia source with ref_id 303315950562852864.

The cause of this problem has yet to be fully diagnosed, although the discrepant Gaia sources tend to lie very close to the boundaries of a brick.

This issue will also propagate to the sweep files.

Bricks where source-fitting failed

A few dozen bricks were intractable on a reasonable timescale as they overlapped regions of high source density. These bricks were "bailed out" of before they finished processing. Sources in such bricks can be identified as they have the BAILOUT flag set in the MASKBITS bitmask.

In addition, certain high-density regions are missing completely from the Legacy Surveys. A good example is the Large Magellanic Cloud.