Known Issues

General Issues

The most up-to-date issues and in-progress fixes moving from DR9 to DR10 are available on the GitHub issues pages for the Legacy Surveys website or the legacypipe pipeline.

Issues with CCDs that may have affected the quality of DECam observations are recorded on the DECam CCDs page.

Bricks that didn't finish processing

Bricks that didn't finish processing, or that only partially completed because we "bailed out" of source-fitting can fail after the coadded images have been produced but before sources have been extracted.

Most of these cases consist of bricks containing particularly large galaxies (e.g., Andromeda), globular clusters (e.g., M13), or bright stars.

For such bricks, we remove any images from the coadd/ directory so that the pixel-level files are consistent with the catalog-level files. This means that there are a small number of bricks in DR9 which have images loaded in the viewer but that do not have corresponding files, coadd files or Tractor catalogs.